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Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing

Scheduled servicing of your Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) is essential to adhere to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Our engineers are experts in optimising performance and carry out thorough diagnostic tests to keep everything running as it should.

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Why Service & Repair GSHP?


Maintain manufacturer’s warranty

Maintain Performance

Maintain performance

Improved Living Environment Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Install Easy to Run

Expert inspections

Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing

What’s involved in GSHP Servicing & Repairs?

Our engineers will check all system settings, clean the heating filters, as well as checking over the heat exchanger, ground array anti-freeze levels, system expansion vessels and ensure there are no leaks.

Where a GSHP system runs alongside a gas central heating system, we will provide repairs to a single gas boiler hybrid including then GSHP and controls and wet (using water) central heating system in each home or location.

We can provide annual servicing and landlord gas safety checks of your GSHP and gas boiler systems (expect refrigeration parts). Parts and labour are included in the cost of the plan.

Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing

Why PHS for GSHP Servicing & Repairs?

We’ve built our services around providing dedicated support for commercial partners who want to help their tenants and customers harness sustainable practices for energy saving.

We partner with local authorities, utility and insurance companies to offer our expertise in sub-contracted and preferred-supplier arrangements.

Our plans cover appliances or full central heating systems and offer 24/7 support from our highly skilled renewables engineers. We offer same day call-out for emergency visits, as well as carrying comprehensive van stock so we can fix as many issues on our first visit as possible.

PHS experts survey, install and maintain Ground Source Heat Pumps and all types of renewable technology for commercial and domestic customers across the UK.

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