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Home Energy Management Systems

With the rising cost of energy bills, a Home Energy Management System is the ideal way for homeowners and building managers to monitor and control energy use. With real-time insight to hand, they are able to reduce energy consumption from central heating systems and use appliances more efficiently to save on bills.

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Why a Home Energy Management System?

Real Time Insights

Real-time insights

Smart Device Compatible

Smart device compatible

Complete Comfort Control

Complete control

Easy to Use

Simple & easy to use

Home Energy Management Systems

How does a Home Energy Management System work?

Home Energy Management Systems are designed to monitor energy usage and provide real-time insight into where savings can be made. This information is available through an app installed on a smart device, making it accessible and always up to date.

Home Energy Management Systems

Why PHS for Home Energy Management Systems?

We’ve built our services around providing dedicated support for commercial partners who want to help their tenants and customers harness sustainable practices for energy saving.

We partner with local authorities and utility companies to offer our expertise in sub-contracted and preferred-supplier arrangements. We are part of a number of frameworks including: the Crown Commercial service HELGA, EN: Procure DPS for ASHP+PV (In Yorkshire & Humberside), Midlands Energy Hub Renewables and the South East Energy Hub Renewables Framework.

Our experts design, install and maintain Home Energy Management Systems and all types of energy saving technology for commercial and domestic customers across the UK.

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