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Mine Water Extraction

The growing popularity of District Heating is fuelling a drive to discover new and untapped heat sources. Mine Water Extraction is one such emerging source that has the potential to provide a sustainable solution. Abandoned mines once used as a source of fossil fuels now hold water that can be as hot as 40 degrees Celsius. This hot water can be extracted through boreholes and fed into heat pumps that then transfer the heat to supply district heating networks for homes and commercial buildings.

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Why Mine Water Extraction?

Reduced Energy Bills

Reduces energy bills

Emerging Energy Solution

Emerging energy solution

Carbon-free Fuel

Reduces carbon emissions

Untapped Sustainable Heat Source Choice of Energy Sources

Untapped sustainable heat source

Supports CSR Strategies

Supports CSR strategies

Mine Water Extraction Arial View Houses

Why PHS for Mine Water Extraction?

We’ve built our services around providing dedicated support for commercial partners who want to help their tenants and customers harness alternative methods of energy.

We partner with local authorities and utility companies to offer our expertise in sub-contracted and preferred-supplier arrangements. We are part of a number of frameworks including: the Crown Commercial service HELGA, EN: Procure DPS for ASHP+PV (In Yorkshire & Humberside), Midlands Energy Hub Renewables and the South East Energy Hub Renewables Framework.

Our experts design, install and maintain Mine Water Extraction systems, District Heating and all types of renewable technology for commercial and domestic customers across the UK.

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