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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is a growing method of harnessing the power of the sun to heat water. It uses panels or tubes to collect heat from the sun and provide hot water to a home or commercial property. Solar Thermal systems are adaptable and can also work alongside an existing heating system to reduce the amount of non-renewable fuel used by a property. They are especially efficient in summer but can work all year-round and don’t rely on bright sunny days to be able to do their job.

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Why Solar Thermal?

Reduced Energy Bills

Reduces energy bills

Third Free Hot Water

Produces a third of required hot water for free

Green Energy Efficient Fuel

Reliable green energy

Supports CSR Strategies

Supports CSR strategies

No Planning Permission

No planning permission required

Solar Thermal

Why PHS for Solar Thermal?

We’ve built our services around providing dedicated support for commercial partners who want to help their tenants and customers harness this alternative method of generating hot water.

We partner with local authorities and utility companies to offer our expertise in sub-contracted and preferred-supplier arrangements. We are part of a number of frameworks including: the Crown Commercial service HELGA, EN: Procure DPS for ASHP+PV (In Yorkshire & Humberside), Midlands Energy Hub Renewables and the South East Energy Hub Renewables Framework.

Solar is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy solution and we have been there from the beginning. As a pioneer of Solar energy, we have unrivalled expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of Solar Thermal technology.

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